Why Broken Grounds?

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A few people have been coming up to me and asking me why we changed the name of the cafe to “The Broken Grounds Cafe”.

That is a good question, considering that we own the name “The Coffee Corner Cafe”, which was given to us by the landlord, who has owned it for the past 25 years.

I think one reason was that we both wanted to have a fresh start to the place we opened. Changing the name and the signage would be a clear indicator to the community that the place was not the same as the old one and that there was something new to be seen here.

Also, the Urban Dictionary has a good explanation of why we changed the name and picked the word broken for part of the new name. In the Urban Dictionary, the word broken is defined as follows:

The Urban Dictionary's definition of "broken".

The Urban Dictionary’s definition of “broken”.

I think the first definition pretty much defines what we want for our little coffee shop--a place that is so good that it eclipses all the others.

The other word in our cafe’s name is pretty clearly a play on the idea of coffee, as in coffee grounds.

Another way to look at it is that this cafe is not the first business of its kind in this location. In that respect, we are not breaking ground, but are taking over already “broken grounds”.

Finally, Broken Grounds Enterprises, LLC. is the name of the parent company that we formed to run this cafe. It was the first name I suggested to my partner and she agreed to it without reservations.

With that said, we want to wish you all a warm welcome to our little corner of the internet and the world. We certainly hope that you will drop by and enjoy some of our wonderful coffees, teas, juices and vegetarian fare.


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