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We believe in a healthy diet here at The Broken Grounds Cafe. Many of our dishes have superfoods as some of their ingredients.

Quinoa, kale,  blueberries, Chia seeds, green tea,  strawberries,  spinach,  eggs, almonds, ginger, beets,  beans,  apples,  cranberries, garlic, broccoli, Acai and Goji berries are all found on our menu.

Many of these are available as add-ons for the wraps,  salads,  bowls,  smoothies and juices we make.

Some are exotic and others are old traditional favorites. Here is some information  about some of our superfoods.

Acai berries are from the Amazon and similar to their traditional counterpart,  the humble blueberry. Both are high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Quinoa is a Peruvian grain-like seed  that is high in protein and a rice like texture. It is one of the few vegetarian sources of all nine essential amino acids humans need.

Kale is a great source of iron,  calcium fiber and high in antioxidants. We use it in our signature Kale Crush smoothie. It is also found in our popular Sweet Beets juice.

Chia seeds, those found in the Chia pets of late night TV fame, are very nutrient dense yet low in calories. An ounce of Chia seeds has 4 grams of protein, 11 grams of fiber,  9 grams of fat including 5 grams of Omega-3 fats,  18% of your daily calcium,  30% of your daily manganese and magnesium and good amounts of zinc,  potassium,  Vitamin B1, B2 and B3.

Dried cranberries and their exotic counterpart,  dried Goji berries,  are offered as add-ons. Both are high in Vitamin C,  antioxidants and fiber and are low in calories. Both have proven health effects.


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